Above & Beyond

Collective Impact Network:

A social impact network dedicated to collaboration, community, and regeneration, with a physical hub at the RE:GEN:CY community space in Red Hook Brooklyn. Free to join if you can demonstrate your contributions to community and the planet.
Membership Benefits:
  • Discounts at local restaurants/business*
  • Wholesale prices for everyday common goods, picked up at weekly gatherings*
  • Free admission to quarterly arts/music events
  • 50% off of renting RE:GEN:CY community space for your event once per year
  • Access to a diverse group of people and resources for generating social impact
*We are in the process of working to secure partnerships with local businesses for the following benefits – enrolling today will help us establish these relationships.

How to Join :

You can join the network by showing how you are giving back to your community / Eligible to join if you are satisfying at least two of these criteria:*
  • Working / volunteering with nonprofits / social causes
  • Using renewable energy in your home / business
  • Offsetting your carbon footprint
  • Providing an offer to the network, like a discount at your business
  • Banking with a credit union
  • Contributing to neighborhood resiliency and beautification
  • Being a CSA/food co-op member
  • Other – explain your contribution:
*Please reach out if you want assistance implementing any of these practices or if you have questions. We’d love to help.
For each item, we will be contacting you how to submit verification.