Boxes of food at the market

19 Questions to Ask at the Farmer’s Market

If you’re going to the Farmer’s Market, it’s because probably you are someone who wants to eat the best possible food. But not all products at the Farmer’s Market are of equal quality. To help out, we’ve created a list of questions you can ask your farmer to learn who’s offering the food of the highest quality.

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White Room of Regency Community and Event Venue in Brooklyn, New York

11 Wildly Unique Small Event Spaces in Brooklyn, New York

If you’re looking for an intimate venue in New York City that feels completely one-of-a-kind, then you might already be thinking about Brooklyn.

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Finding the perfect event rental venue in a big city

12 Factors When Choosing the Venue for Your Event

Searching for the right venue for your event can be stressful and time-consuming. Have a list of questions and considerations with you when you tour your potential venues to make the process easier. A space may look gorgeous, but it may not have everything needed to make your event the best it can be. Here are some key factors to consider, divided by category, to help you decide on the right spot.

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Zero Waste Arrows showing green regenerative culture

Top 10 Zero Waste Blogs to Follow in 2019–​

If you already recycle, bring your reusable bags into the store, compost and you are looking to do more for the planet, then you may want to check out the zero-waste movement.

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Social Entrepreneurship Header showing one person giving another a hand up

Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is business that is not just concern with the bottom line of profit, but also with social and environmental issues. This is known as the triple bottom line or the Three P’s– profit, people and planet. Unlike nonprofits, social enterprise still earns a profit. Unlike most business, the focus is on the social or environmental change made while earning that profit.

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