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Community Partners

Our community partners are organizations that are servicing Red Hook and Brooklyn to create positive social change that aligns with our mission to support regenerative culture.  They receive free use of our space for a program at least once per year depending upon the use. We also work together to cross promote each other’s work, and specifically we ask that they help us share the word about our free membership program. 

Young man in orange shirt swears in at court.

Red Hook Community Justice Center

Red Hook Community Justice Center is the nation’s first multi-jurisdictional community court that seeks to solve neighborhood problems in southwest Brooklyn. They are part of Center for Court Innovations who are globally recognized for their pioneering work in restorative justice.  One initiative, their youth court, trains teenagers to handle real-life cases involving their peers, offering a restorative response to misbehavior. They also train community members to become peacemakers, in the Navajo tradition. These peacemakers then participate in restorative justice circles for local disputes. 

Hook Arts Media poster for event held and Regency Community and Event Space.

Hook Arts Media

Hook Arts Media’s work unites creative learning with community change by using the arts to build the capacities of marginalized youth and creating a pipeline to employment and higher education in the NYC creative and green industries. They used our space last year for screening films produced by youth who were supported to produce films.  Also get ready for their yearly festival Hook Arts Fest because it’s a neighborhood staple. This year’s 27th annual fest is themed “Arts for Urgent Times” will take place on Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6.

People holds up poster boards for an event in the black room

What You Feelin' Like #whatyoufeelinglike

Michel’le Thomas founded an empowerment group for women, and she recently hosted a vision board workshop for manifesting our dreams in 2020.  Born and raised in Red Hook, she found there were limited to opportunities to have brave and positive spaces to uplift each other. She is changing that by embodying positive leadership qualities with a beam of light and energy to make a difference in her community.  She creates brave  spaces where a woman can be herself, gain self-love to accept herself in every possible way, self-respect, build confidence where she may lack it, and create and share opportunities that can benefit each and every one of us. 

African American woman in all-white garb and red lipstick at Regency Community and Event Space


TherapART is a not-for profit collective that curates and facilitates art therapy initiatives across New York City. 

Inspired by her own lived experience with a sibling suffering from drug addiction, Ashley Rucker founded TherapART during her own self-discovery journey, shaped by dance as her form of healing. An advocate for the often overlooked survivor stories, Rucker conceptualized TherapART to drive a positive conversation around art therapy.

Regency Event Venue Aikikai

Brooklyn Aikikai

The mission of Brooklyn Aikikai is to foster the harmony of the entire individual through the traditional Japanese disciplines of aikido, zen, misogi, and iaido. As a nonprofit institution in Gowns, we provide a sanctuary in New York City where individuals from all backgrounds may develop themselves through training in the above arts. In order to make these activities available to all, we provide financial assistance to those who need it. We welcome engagement with schools, other nonprofits, and community organizations to share our practices. They also offer a free monthly class for members of the public to experience aikido. Their zen meditation sessions are open to the public by donation. Contact us at for more information.

porch stomp at Regency Event Venue

Porch Stomp

Porch Stomp is an organization committed to the advancement of the New York City American folk music and dance community by sponsoring key public events such as an annual folk celebration on Governors Island, Flatfoot Flatbush in Downtown Brooklyn as well as a myriad of other networking and performance-based events functioning out of the Haylaught, their  lovely space in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.   They work to promote the growing NYC folk scene by highlighting both traditional as well as contemporary folk music through unique, often site specific events that range from concerts and workshops to community events and happenings. 

Poster for a Zero Waste workshop at Regency Event Venue

Zero Waste Workshop NYC

In the wake of the climate emergency and the consequences our planet faces if we do not take immediate action, Nicole Grossberg co-founded Zero Waste NYC Workshop Series in August, 2019. Nicole believes that by reducing our consumption and diverting trash from landfills, humans can ultimately lower their impact on the planet. By following the waste hierarchy (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle) consumers can implement simple changes and make choices everyday to make their carbon footprint as small as possible. With her workshop series she hopes to bring together the zero waste community in New York City and provide as many tools as possible to make zero waste an approachable way of life. 

VT no Background-medium

Vanitys Truth LLC

Vanitys Truth LLC is a soulfully conscious lifestyle brand. Founded by Kandice and Krystal McLeod, two melanin sisters on a collective healing journey, VT remains committed to raising the collective consciousness of The People. Both sisters spent their lives in academia. In their third year of law school, each sister received a bold call from spirit –  calling each of them to transition into their soul purpose. Out of this ascension journey came Vanity’s Truth LLC – a brand that embodies the ascension journey of melanated souls. VT curates soulful experiences, creates natural products for internal and external healing, and facilitates spaces for self-rediscovery and remembrance. 


Dimension Events

Dimension Events is a network designed for and by communities of color, to provide access to healing modalities, spiritual education, and social awareness through community outreach, creative activities, organized events, and media.  Their main purpose is to promote spiritual ascension and unity. Dimension Events curates spaces in which our communities can come together to elevate, express their gifts and commune with like minded individuals. 

Soul Bath Events

The Gem Experience

The Gem Experience is an opulent curation of events that allow women to Empower, Create, Collaborate, and Celebrate each other as they tap into their next venture.

Inspired by Founder Shakema Cyrus, she wanted to create a platform that continues to empower women in all facets. Through her personal experience of being surrounded by many influential Black Women throughout the years, The Gem Experience gives her the opportunity to pay it forward and create more opportunities for women of all ages to thrive in their professional, personal, and entrepreneurial journeys.

Business Partners

Our business partners offer a special or unique service to our members to show their appreciation for them giving back to their communities and the environment.  Business partners also automatically join the membership program by offering a service to the network, and they can start receiving the benefits. Our business for example offers 50% off our rental price once per year or 25% off twice per year to members.


AWAREHOUSE is a project that creatively explores all systems of knowledge from the ancient and occult, to the futuristic and accessible. They create communal experiences that promote transpersonal growth and healing, while emphasizing the importance of a regenerative culture. They will be providing sound meditations at some of our events that are free for members. Christine, co-founder of Awarehouse, is also REGENCY’S Partnership & Membership Manager.

Awarehouse sound healing event at Regency Community and Event Space