We cultivate regenerative culture by providing education, resources, and a platform for community to flourish.


REGENERATION: A regenerative culture aims to evolve today’s society by embracing the indigenous worldview of seeing the Earth as alive and community as sacred, to help reform our industries and our politics to take better care of our world and our people.

As a social enterprise, our goal is to inspire and reward people and businesses who go above and beyond to give back to their community and the planet. We create spaces that celebrate what is sacred : nature and community.  We also offer a free membership program with resources such as bulk discounts on regenerative everyday goods, and free programs that foster healing and regeneration.   Order everyday goods on our online store here and pick up on Tuesday evenings 6-8pm. Members receive a discount code from 50-25% off according to income level. 
We also created a website for neighborhood fair exchange by bartering skills and resources, called the the RResource, currently in a beta version.
Our Commitments to Regeneration: Our space is 100% renewably powered because we purchase regional wind energy credits from Clean Choice for our electricity, and we do not use natural gas. We only use ecologically and socially responsible products from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to commercial dishwashing soap. We purchased reused items for furniture when possible. We have cutlery and plates and a water filter system, so there is no need for single use products or bottled waters. We work with Vokashi for composting all fruits, vegetables, papers, meats, and dairy products too.

We believe that ecological wellness stems from personal wellness, and community wellness stems from inclusivity and diversity.


A video from Conscious Capitalism NY about us:


Ashley Taylor


Ashley is a creative researcher focused on solutions to systemic problems. She started Regency to support people and businesses who are going above and beyond to give back to others and the planet.

She is also Sr. Collaborator with CCSI where she trains international government officials and industry leaders on the abuses of digital technologies, and provides guidance on regulation and compliance measures that uphold international peace and security. Previously she was one of the first entrepreneurs in the blockchain technology space, where she outlined the benefits and the threats presented by the technology, and advocates for its responsible design and implementation.

She is also an astrologer, yoga therapist, and student of indigenous healing practices. She received her B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University.

Tymer Tilton


Tymer is a multi-talented designer and maker. It all started with LEGOs — as the son of an art professor and a construction contractor, he has always loved to create. Throughout his childhood he was often building things from tree forts to trebuchets. For college he attended Montana State School of Architecture and graduated in 2011 with a Master’s Degree in Architecture.

For seven years he was the first employee and Principal Designer of an industrial design start-up company making tea and coffee equipment. Now he is working on his own creative ventures, such as designing Regency Community and Event Space and Jupiter House, a medical facility for Solve Clinics, and a custom camper van. He has designed buildings, products, logos, websites, coffee shops, catalogs, trade show booths, videos, marketing campaigns, furniture, and events. He loves design, making new things, and solving new problems.



Reuben brings a backbone to the REGENCY music crew with his expertise in holding down and unifying the various aspects involved with our performance space.   He was brought up in London, UK. His educational training is in the performative arts, and he has a built a diverse network of artistic collaborators.  He has lived in Brooklyn for 10 years and enjoys live music, traveling and exploring the city. 

Akhmose Ari

Space Co-Manager and Community Engagement Specialist

Akhmose comes to ReGenCy exuding a healthy hospitality mentality with a focus on sustainability. Some of his interests and involvements include being a member of the BKSWAB (Brooklyn Solid Waste Advisory Board), Grow NYC’s Racial Equity Task Force, founding and operating his own food scrap/compost micro-hauling business as ‘Akhmostist The Compostist,’ and tapping into his highest creative self as ‘The Compliment King’!

Having been in the fields of education, arts, and agriculture, he brings a wealth of lived experience centralized in service. Service to community and service to your event needs. His goal is to create a warm, welcoming, and memorable experience for you and your guests at ReGenCy. Welcome!

Alejandro “Phro” Lombardi

Space Co-Manager

Alejandro is a music producer and performer born in Bogotá, Colombia and raised in Brooklyn, NY. You can find him working part-time in Regency’s main space and working full-time in Regency’s music studio space. 

Alejandro works under the artist name “The Phronetic” and is known for his live beat-making performances. Notable musical collaborations include Adidas, Puma, Instagram, Cadillac, Porsche, Reebok, Red Bull, and more.

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