Woman Looking at wind turbine, wondering how to use green energy in New York City.If you pay an electric bill, you can tell your utility that you want them to source your power from 100% renewable wind energy, and guess what they have to listen to you! #democracy

Ideally look for a wind company close to where you live. In the Northeast try Ambit Energy or Clean Choice Energy. It takes about 15 minutes. You still receive your same Con Ed bill. The cost difference for us is negligible ($2-$3/month). If you live outside the north east and you need help finding a company, contact Ashley.

Steps —

1. Call Ambit Energy: (877) 282-6248 or Clean Choice Energy

2. Tell them where you live and that you want to purchase the 100% renewable wind option that is sourced regionally (e.g. North east if you live in NYC). You have to emphasize that you want 100% or they may try to sell you a mixed bag with dirty energy. The world isn’t perfect after all!

3. The agent on the phone will sign you up and contact Con Ed to switch over your bill.

4. Wait for your next bill! Takes 1 or 2 bill cycles to start.

5. Copy and paste this post and share with your friends to do the same! 

We look forward to hearing who you choose to switch to! Let us know by leaving a comment below.